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 So… retirement is honestly the biggest bore that no one ever tells you about!

                                                               I am Hope Milner and I created the Funky Robot to maintain my sanity.

My background was in the giftware and jewelry sectors and I had built a number of successful companies over the years. I then set out with my husband Glen to retire to beautiful PEI Canada. If you have never been... you NEED to visit!

Now... we are in beautiful Calgary Alberta... life changes!

My husband is in the antique business and I was his sidekick as we travelled the country scouring antique stores and flea markets. Looking for gears and gauges wasn’t super exciting (true) - however I loved the thrill of the hunt. I get excited about vintage and whimsy and was soon putting oddball pieces I found together to create my unique and wonderful characters.

I invite you to take a close look... they are fun, funky and will certainly make you smile!